I am working on an application in Vb.NET the pulls data from an online MySQL server. The problem i was facing was that my application had no direct access to internet. The application connects to a proxy server which was blocking access to database server because the proxy server only allowed web requests.

Now i have decided to build a Web Service to send data from my online server to Vb.NET application, I am using PHP at the other end to communicate with MySQL database. This way the application will be based on standard protocols only. This is the point to which i have planned my application.

My question is:
What should be the format of data sent from PHP application to Vb.NET and vice versa. Can i create an XML file which is acceptable by ADO.NET and how will i process DiffGram XML (generated by Vb.NET ) received by the PHP application. I even have no idea how to output XML from using Web Service. I am using NUSOAP in PHP to create SOAP services.


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I guess id would be easier to simply send commands to you server via HTTP. When createing XML or any other file you have to upload and decrypt it on your webserver (which is also possible though but takes you maybe 30% more effort).

I'd start off with these ideas:
1) set up your PHP-scripts
write some code that fetches your query from VB, checks for malware and executes it.
2) write your VB-app that sends the command (via the HTTP-header) and then reads the output of your PHP-file.
3) think of any cryption or at least login so that not everybody who just found your page by chance can access your DB.

This can be a bit nasty when you're looking for little bugs (got that often enough). But go on!

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