I wrote a code :

<%response.write "<form action=http://localhost/rentry.asp?tid="& request("tid") &">"%>
				<textarea name="treply" rows="10" cols="100">Enter ur text here</textarea>
				<input type="Reset" name="subFThread" value="Reset">
				<input type="submit" name="subFThread" value="Post">

Here i wanted to send a piece of data (tid, that i extract from the earlier asp window using Request) value along with treply to the next asp file so that it can process that data. But when i click the submit button, it does not send that data to the next window.
Instead it sends this :


via the address bar, whereas i wanted it to send


How to achieve this???
Please help me, Thanks in advance.

Try creating a hidden field in your form with the name "tid" and assign it the value you wish it to hold and then set the action field of the form to only http://localhost/rentry.asp .

I did it a little bit earlier than your post and it worked!!
Any ways Thanks
It works!!!

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