Hi guys

I am trying to allow people to upload any image (size, format, etc) and reformat it into a jpeg file of 50 by 100. Now im not sure if this is possible to re-format but I know you can re-size the image.

At the moment I am having problems copying large images (3mbs) but am able to do small images (100kbs).

So if anyone can head me into the right direction, either with code or tutorials be much appericated.

THanks, Regards X

PS: I have been working on this for awhile and have various tests.php including various functions using move_uploaded_file, imagecopyresampled, imagejpeg, etc.

PPS: What is the difference between move_uploaded_file and copy?

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I have been testing the problem seems to clearly be large files are not able to be transfered but small files are able.

Now what are they restrictions, etc?

I am going to research this more, just thought I would point it out.

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