I have been trying to restrict the uploading of images based on size and format.

At the moment I have the size working but not the format.

Ive tried different code but im favouring something like this:

if($_FILES['file_image']['type'] == "image/pjpeg") {


else { 



Any ideas what im doing wrong?

Note: Im trying to upload a jpg at the moment possibly gif and jpeg later on but the file when i view the [type] it comes out as pjpeg (for the jpg) hence i use that to validate it.

Thanks, Regards X

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First check the file type you are trying to upload. You can get the filetype of the file you are trying to upload by using $_FILES. I guess you are uploading a different file type(and checking for a different filetype).

if($_FILES['file']['type'] == "image/pjpeg" || $_FILES['file']['type']=="image/jpeg" || $_FILES['file']['type']=="image/gif") {
   //do something
} else {
  //wrong extension

Ya thats what I was doing just found my problem!
Remember how I asked how to do an array last thread well I forgot to apply it to the if statement =(
But yet again your little statements of code got me thinking and checking so thanks once again =)

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