I want to counts clicks for a flash script..
For image it is easy to do..but for flash i don't know how???

Can anybody know about this...please help me...


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I am waiting for somebody to help on this...
i am stucked at this point...:(


I don't know flash well, but I suspect you'd have to use some flash ActionScript to do the counting for you.


Try AFLAX. It is an AJAX for Flash. You can use some ActionScript to call an AFLAX command to send a message to a Server Page (I prefer PHP, but you can use anything that you are comfortable with) which processes the request and updates the record in a file or MySQL table. If you have any more questions please post them here or PM me!
Good Luck! :)


Well, I would start out by making a rectangle that is the same color as the background (Important: Make sure the shape's color has a transparency of 1%) to cover the whole stage with the rectangle tool. Next, convert the new rectangle to a shape (Make it a button). Then add AFLAX to the button that sends a message to a server page on a click.
Note: If that seems too complicated you may also try another method I though of (I'm not sure if it works!!). Add the parameter border=0 to the Flash Element and then surround the whole object in <a href='javascript:void(0);' onclick='sendMessage()'> ... </a> . Then simply, using regular AJAX, write a javascript function that calls the server page and call it 'sendMessage()'.
Good Luck!!

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