Can anyone recommend a product search script that also displays images in results??

I searched everywhere and only found site search scripts with text results..but I need a script that shows the product image and the description.

This is for an existing non-cart website. The closest search that has what I want belongs only to e-cart programs..and the search is already included.

an example would be any retail site with a single search field with scroll-down categories .. like www.walmart.com but I don't really need the "Add to cart" or Price displays.

I really be grateful for any info. Thanks!

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hotscripts was the first place I looked. Hiring a developer is not an option.

I was thinking maybe I'm entering the wrong keywords at hotscripts.. I tried "site search/product search/database search" .. and nothing had image search results.

is there any other good sites like hotscripts.. I doubt they will have it but I guess noone is aware of this kind of script.

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