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I want to develop a web page which will show the search result for flights from source and to destination. I do not know how to access the individual airlines company access their details for the above particular search.
Do they provide any service for this? If then where can i get those information from?
Please help.

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Actually you don't need to go to the individual airlines.
There are several booking engines that already are connected to the airlines, hotel chains, etc. Maybe most popular software is called Amadeus. I don't really remember the alternative of Amadeus, which is more popularly spread in U.S. Actually this soft is so wide-spread that almost every travel agency is working with this application.
The companies that have written software as Amadeus provide open interfaces for web integration for guys like you, which would like to have a powerful tool for searching flights on their website.
However, in order to acquire access to these open interfaces, your company must have an access license. Not only rights to access their network, but you must be like some kind of a travel agency or smth.
If you're interested PM me, I think I have some descriptions of some API's for what you need.

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