I operate a real estate directory site.

Trouble of the day: Cannot get my Back URL to go back to the previous page with all the user' search criteria still there. It goes back to the page and they have to fill their criteria again.

Example: They pick Fiji and Islands For Sale, get a listing of Fiji islands, pick one, look at it, click on Back, return to search page but they have to reenter Fiji and Islands For sale.

My current code on my details.php:

$a = getenv('HTTP_REFERER');
$pos =strpos($a,"qualify_search");

It seems simple enough. What is wrong with me today?
Thanks for your help.


Do you mean the back button on the browser or do you have a back link on the page?

With your code you should be able to go back using the url vars, but depending on how your search page works it may not work with the browsers back button

I have a Back button on the page itself (IE: Click here to return to previous page).

The Back arrow on browser does not work, it refreshes the search.