I have two questions, somewhat linked together. I'm trying to create a webform, and for a few pieces of it I'll need to be able to enter descriptions into a field. I've been requested to make the fields in question larger, much like the reply-box field here, so as to make the information within it more easily visible to the people who will have to use the form.

Question 1: Is this reply box some kind of special form input type, and if so what is it called? Is it unique to the mb, or can it be used in ordinary code?

Question 2: If this isn't something special, just an ordinary text input, then how do I resize it for vertical growth? I found the 'size' command for horizontal stretching, but that really doesn't do me much good because it still limits the user to a single visible line of code.

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It's a textarea field I think you're referring to, unless I've misunderstood e.g.:

<div style="position:absolute; left:10px; top:10px" 
CLASS="somediv"><textarea name="msg" style="border:1px; 
border-style:solid; border-color:#FF0000" rows="4" 

Obviously, you include this within your form tags.

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Thank you for your kind assistance with this; that appears to be exactly what I want to use.

Next question-what kind of code is needed to prevent it from escaping the single-quote character? Whenever I try to look a the output, if I've included something with a single quote on it (like the word I've, for example) it comes out looking like I\'ve. Any suggestions?

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Maybe I'm just doing this wrong somehow, but it's not working for me. I'm using PHP, and I tried the preg_replace() function you mentioned, but I can't get it to work for the escape characters I'm trying to eliminate. I can get it to eliminate pretty much everything else in the output I've tried checking, but nothing seems to work on the '\' character; attempts to replace it are met with errors. A single one gives something like 'cannot find ]', which is understandable; it's escaping the ']' symbol. Problem is, attempts to double the '\' character up (so as to have the first one escape the second) produce the same error. What am I doing wrong here?

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OK. preg_replace isn't the way to go - it appears that there's a bug of some sort from what I could find on the subject. Sorry for misleading you.

This definitely works, though, because this time I tested it before opening my big mouth :(

# $res is the variable containing the dirty string
$mystr = str_replace('\\', '', $res);

You need to make sure you use it just before you display the string because if you pass the cleaned string, say, between pages PHP adds more of those damned backslashes.

It definitely works, though.