I created some web pages using php.I copied those pages from my system and paste it into FTP afterthat if i run my website it wont show any design which is in my page.If i copied my html pages and paste that into ftp that time it was working.I want run webpage with php can anyone tell me how to upload php web pages into ftp

Thanks in advance

FTP is a protocol for transfering files. FTP server is a server that provides FTP functionality.
HTTP server is the one that will display html pages in your browser, as you expect them to look like.
If your http server does not support PHP, then you cannot have php pages to work on that server, but normal html pages will be displayed as you have designed them.

Note that both FTP server and HTTP server can operate with the same folder, so you can upload your html or php files via ftp, and access and view it via http.

What was the resulting anwser? I am having the same issues.

Any help would be great.

If the php module is copied to the correct place on the server (same place as the HTML) AND if the PHP is error free (and properly named and formatted) AND if the server supports PHP, then it should work. If you check out all of these points and and they are ok and a simple "Hello World" module won't work then you should start with your web host support and make sure that you are doing everything that the server requires.

Two things to verify are
* That you aren't using short open tags (<?) instead of the full PHP tag (<?PHP). Some servers won't take the short tags.

* That your PHP module has a .php suffix (not .htm or .html). If you don't do this, it won't recognize it to be a PHP module and your PHP code won't be processed by the Interpreter.