Hello All,
As plain as the question is: I'm compltely newbie in PHP but in near future I plan to study PHP. I now Learn Python and need to Get acquanted with PHP as well as C++. My Question is, IS THERE ANY FREE BUT LEGAL Books ready for download specifically for PHP??

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There are a whole loads of books available to you in "pdf" format

check out "<URL SNIPPED>" and search for php books for beginners,intermediate and advance developers.
also try "<URL SNIPPED>" best of luck!


I Hope They Are legal too, I mean Authors allowed it to be download

Why would you wait for more instead of checking out the references you've already been given? Have you tried searching any out on your own? Waiting for others to hand you information is not a habit I'd recommend if you wish to be productive at programming.

I didnt mean that the above are not good nor I will not read them; but I didnt wanted to limit those who will want to add more books they know.

Hope you understand what I mean!