hi everyone
its a challenge to all
im looking for a script that must satisfy these things

1.it must be in php language
2.it must work like a robot when initiated and must run automatically on server side only
3.it must extract the text of any website that is mentioned in a separate text file
4.that text file contains the url's of web sites that is to be parsed
5.after parsing each url, the parsed data is to be sended to the pre-embedded email address in the code of that script

imp:i have searched the code for 1 month , i haven't got a single script , who ever makes the script ready , i will be so happy to award them a prize!!

yes exactly im looking for that

So you want a copy of WebToMail?

hi shawncplus
so u got the idea that what im looking for
instead it needs a service where we need to send an email to the given email address
rather im looking for a easy script which automatically fetches the webpage and sends the text data of the webpage to the embedded email address in the script