Can anybody please help me in writing this very simple script:

This script will allow visitors on my site to order my services.

The price will depend on the following factors:

a) Number of pages
b) Delivery time in days
c) Format of the delivered files.

After they select they will be directed to paypal to pay the amount.

Thanks, Regards.

Hi, not sure what you want, because you haven't said much.
But from what I understand you should create html form, where user will choose some options. form attribute action will be
action="<?php echc $_SERVER; ?>" which means that form will be submitted to the same page. Action attribute will be post - action="post". Then you can chceck at the beginning of the file if user submitted values you expect. For example:

//check if form with your desired value has been submitted
if (isset($_POST['numpages'])) {
    //check if there is data you want
    //some people can use telnet to post unwanted data
    if (preg_match('^/[\d]{1,2}/$',$_POST['numpages']) {
        $numpages = $_POST['numpages'];
    } else {
        Header("Location: ".$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);

(I haven't tested this code, it's just ilustration),
then you check if all values ($numpages, ...) are set, if yes
then you submit it to paypal.
If you want to use paypal express checkout, download my code from here:

hopefuly it helps

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