hai friends,,
i am new for the project development.
i am developing a application like naukri/monster.
i created the tables like employeename,phonenumber,skills,technology,role,work experience,location like that i am taking attributes.

my boss said " to create the database like each table for name and first name,lst name like that..
please send me how to do that ..
i am getting so confused on that..
please help me ASAP

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Ok so U have 2 tables and u want to connect the tables to each other, what u can do is to have a primary key and the foreign key in the master table, that means, on Job table u can have a skillId as a foreign key and then on Skills Table u gona have SkillId as a primary then u will know what Job is associated with what skill

so one more question which Database ur using, MS Access, SQL, Oracle or what?

Then the code will merely depend on which Technology ur using for ur database


[i am using the sqlserver database .

And while i am using that could i retrieve the data


Yah sure u can

The code to connect 2 tables will be something look like this


alter table tableName
Add Constraint anyLegalvariable Foreign Key(ColumnName that u want to be a foreign as it is from the table)
References Name of the table u are getting a key from(Column name as it is from the table)

Sample code

alter table Job
   REFERENCES Skills (SkillID)

on the above code u are changing the job table by adding a foreign key which is originated on Skill table

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