I have a basic question in .Net

Why there is a need for .Net Framework supporting different languages? Is it not better to train everyone in a single language?


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I think they all use the same syntax for actual coding, i think its only help files, etc... that are different.


The syntax of C# is very different from VB .Net or J#.

The logic may be same


Oh right I thaught you meant actual languages like japanese, german etc... which is why i said there is only one (english) used for the actual syntax.

Basically the reason there is many is due to different needs.

J# has been discontinued by the way

C# was new for .NET and was basically designed to take full advantage of NET. It is a modern OOP language and has lots of good technical features in relation to VB.NET which is at its heart, an outdated language and not truly suitable for OOP. However, VB.NET still exists because its easy to learn, thousdands of people know it, and there is billions of dollars worth of code written in it. Same reason FORTRAN and COBOL still exist. Really archaic languages but there are many trained programmers and there is billions of dollars worth of mission-critical code writtem in it.

C# and VB.NET can be converted between fairly easialy.


Thanks for your reply.

Asp .net was released in January 2002 with version 1.0

So you are saying

Before 2002 we had mission critical code written in Cobal, fortran etc. and now to use that code in our projects we have asp .net build which supports different languages using CLR.

Is that the main reason?

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