Hi, this is my first post here at DaniWeb, so be gentle! :icon_smile:

I am trying to learn PHP, but first want to set up an IDE on my MacBook, because others have said it will speed up the learning process.

I installed Eclipse PDT All-In-One v2.0.0M2 and it seems to work, but the "code completion" and "function list" features don't work.

Without those features working, I might as well use TextEdit?!

What am I doing wrong??



That's weird, the question is from which address was downloaded the PHP Developer Tools. There is a version from Zend based on the latest Eclipse 3.4 that could work. Try this:


Thought I would post this for students...

control+space :) or

Eclipse > Preferences > PHP > Editor > Code Assist > Auto Activation
Check "Enable..." and set the time in milliseconds before it activates


and In my PDT installed in Aptana, there were no auto completion for MySQL functions. Hope that is fixed now. I have switched to netbeans for now

oh, and you can enable code complete (the tooltip bubble) by pressing control+shift+space

hope this is helpful...

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