I was just wondering whether there is a software-based web server that can provide ASP and/or ASP.net functionality, just like IIS would to Windows.

Reason why I asked is because I shuffle between Windows (home) and Macs (work) and the only things that I carry around with me is a portable drive with my whole website on it.

*P.S.: Both the Win and Mac computers have Dreamweaver on it so I'm pretty fine with web development. But if there's no web server program for the Mac that I could use to test, then I'm pretty left out at work.

does mac have apache?

I see...Would you be asking a question to the general public as well (just like me) or are you sarcastically implying that there's Apache to meet my needs?

(Pardon me, I am not a power-user of Macs; I come from Windows)

Well, yeah, Apache is a web server. But could it be enabled to serve ASP (and .Net) pages just like its IIS counterpart would (in conjunction with PHP)?

no i wasnt being sarcastic, i know nothing about macs

i know apache does ASP but i dont think it does ASP.NET

could you use bootcamp to dual boot XP pro / Server 2k3?