dear frnds,

i hace wrote this code to generate unique id for questionnaire and a query to save it into database with two more value (response id and date)

individually i have checked and unique id function is working.
even insert query is also executing correctly.

but when i put it whole into my php file it doesnt save values into DB.

please help to sort it out. i m in hurry.

code is here:

$que_id = uniqid(que);
echo $que_id;
echo "<br>";

$db->query("INSERT INTO tbl_CT_Responses (Response_ID,Questionnaire_ID,Response_Date) 
VALUES (".GetSQLValueString("",`int`).","

echo "The questionnaire ID is inserted successfully";

i can use MD5 hash for random numbers (even i m using it ) but the problem is data is not inserting into db.also not showing any error.

till now cudnt find the reason.

Why don't you generate some MD5 hash for random numbers yourself ?

you should try echoing the query first just to check that it really works out

echo "INSERT INTO tbl_CT_Responses (Response_ID,Questionnaire_ID,Response_Date)
VALUES (".GetSQLValueString("",`int`).","

have you to tried to check the mysql errors?

echo mysql_error();

or an alternative to the insert statement

$db->query("INSERT INTO tbl_CT_Responses 

hope it will work out for you.

i spotted something also which perhaps can solve your problem

$que_id = uniqid(que);

should be

$que_id = uniqid($que);
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