hi all .. i have developed an application in php and i want to start marketing it. the downside is i have put in alot of hard work into developing it. sleepless nights, tears, booze, and the last thing i woulf want is for some idiot to steal and manipulate or even sell my own code. i have searched all over the internet for a good encoder. i have liked source guardian but i am too broke to buy it . could please someone send me the crack or keygen. or could someone please recommend for me a good php encoder. or of not can someone please advise me on how i can keep my code safe and hidden from anyone.thank YOU.

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So let me get this straight. You want to steal someone else's application so the same wont happen to you?
There are alternatives, like licensing. If someone violates your license sue them, although I don't promote being a litigious fanatic since no one needs more of them.


If you have a good product and think it will make money, do what every other startup company does. Go to the bank, take out a loan, and buy the encoder on the idea that it will pay for itself.

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