i just installed j2ee 1.4 on my pc (windows xp). i've set the path/class path as follows -

PATH = C:\Sun\J2EE1.4\AppServer\bin;C:\J2SDK1.4.2_08\BIN
CLASSPATH = .;C:\Sun\J2EE1.4\AppServer\lib\j2ee.jar

And i've added JAVA_HOME and J2EE_HOME in both environmental and system variables as -

JAVA_HOME = C:\j2sdk1.4.2_08
J2EE_HOME = C:\Sun\J2EE1.4

the problem is, whenever i try to run j2ee, using "start j2ee" command, it gives error that windows/system cannot find the file j2ee. deploytool and other things work fine. it only wont start j2ee. can anyone please tell me if there's something wrong in the path/classpath or something?


I don't know much about starting the j2ee server, but I always thought it was the -verbose command that did it. Am I wrong?

try to add this n check

if not start

type this n notepad

set path=D:\jdk1.3.1_08\bin;D:\j2sdkee1.2.1\bin;

set classpath=D:\jdk1.3.1_08\lib;D:\j2sdkee1.2.1\lib\j2ee.jar;.;

set java_HOME=D:\jdk1.3.1_08

set j2ee_HOME=D:\j2sdkee1.2.1

save "filename.bat"

start > run > cmd


n try

ggood luck

I doubt the OP will ever read that. He posted his question over 18 months ago and never was seen again...