Friends Good Afternoon,
Friends i not used Wamp any time and now i am trying to use the wamp server
iam getting the projects in the wamp but how to use mysql in that i am not getting can any one please help me in getting that
iam not getting the MySql at all in the wamp please help

Thanks in advance


I'm not sure if wamp server installs a mysql command line tool but you should be able to access MySql via phpmyadmin. Try going to http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

First check if the mysql service is there in the wamp....
In wamp, put ur mouse cursor on the wamp icon on system tray, it should show alll services running.... try to individually start the mysql service if not started..

access the phpmyadmin to access the databases...

from php applications,
to connect... mysql_connect...
use root as default username and '' (blank) as password...

if this does not work, then try username as root and password also as root, because some versions of wamp ships with this default username and password...

you can lookup the default mysql password in php.ini. try searching "mysql.default_password". the default username is root.

if this doesnt help you can always set a master user in the my.ini file in the mysql folder (wamp/bin/mysql/mysql<version>/my.ini

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if you get the details (usually username: root, with password left blank), get a free copy of SQLyog community version - it's a lot more fun than clunky phpmyadmin.

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