This is a novice question and I hope some one can help. So far I have written 2 forms and a 3rd file. The first pulls every record from a table where the user can choose to modify a particular record. On the second form the user modifies the record and then is sent to a third PHP file where the entry is updated.
The code below is the closing listing of the third file where I update the table. In my test I alter the field aka and the echo statement confirms that there is data in the four fields. When the file is executed I see the message Update successful, but a check to the database shows that nothing has changed. Any clues to what I am doing incorrectly?

echo $recordNum;
echo $firstMiddleName;
echo $lastName;
echo $aka;

$update = "UPDATE signers set firstMiddleName='$firstMiddleName', lastName='$lastName', aka='$aka', 
where recordNum = '$recordNum'" ;

$rsUpdate = mysql_query($update) or die(my_sql_error());
if ($rsUpdate)
echo "Update successful.";

Thanks for your help.

Not of value any more.

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