Hello together...

first excuse my not very good english.

I wrote an JavaScript application which shows, hides and scrolls several layers included in my homepage.
I used only DIV-Tags for my layers and I used intensively CSS for the site's layout.
When scrolling my layer(s), I move a content layer by its position below a mask layer.

All scripts work fine in the common browsers (FF, NS and IE). The problem is now that Firefox
sometimes makes the scrolling very very slow. This applies to Netscape 7.x too.

When I say "sometimes", I mean that the problem not appears everytime. For example, if
I start FF the first time on my computer (Win XP SP2 German) and then call my site, all
works fine. If I close FF and I restart it, the browser lets scroll the content very slowly.
The same thing appears, when I start Netscape 7 first and then Firefox. There's a
difference between the FF Version too. With FF 0.8, there's no problem. Just newer
versions are affected.

For scrolling the content, I used the JS Functions setInterval() and clearInterval().
I putted them via my own functions on the onmousedown and onmouseup events.
There is no difference, if I use the functions setTimeout() and clearTimeout().
If someone needs my code, I can provide it.

So I hope now, someone can help me here.

Thanks in advance for any response !!!


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This probably isn't a JavaScript problem. It could be a problem on your machine. Does anyone else experience the problem on your site?

Hi tgreer...

thanks for your response. Unfortunately its not a problem of my machine
since on various computers I got the same problem. Common to all computers
is Win XP SP2 German.

Some users - not all - in different forums also reported to me this problem.

If you like to test it, you can do it here...


Note that the development of the site is still in progress and is at this
time available in german only. For test purposes please select "HTML"
by ignoring "available soon" and try to scroll the news content window.


Yes, you're correct. It is much slower in FireFox. I'm running Windows XP, SP2, English.

If you can strip down a sample page that includes ONLY your news scroller, and post it here, I will do what I can to help.

Hi tgreer...

Thousand Thanks !!!

I'll strip down a sample page and post it as an attachement and
load it on my server. I'll post a new message here, when I'm


Hi tgreer...

the problem is solved. I used the Javascript Function setInterval(xxx, 2).
The timeout interval was too small (2 ms). I setted it to 50 ms and now
all works fine.

Thanks anyway for proposition to help.


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