I have a website where most pages will load on Macs but a few of the pages will not. All of the pages will load on PCs. Any ideas why?

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Its probably not the fact that its PHP, as the code is run on the server and HTML is whats actually sent to the client and rendered by thier browser

The problem is mist likely due to the fact that that thier browser doesnt like the HTML.



Do you execute the scripts on a server or on your local machine. When I changed to Mac, I had sometimes a few problems with the configarion of my apache. It had some trouble where my server on the old Win didn't say anything. Then you have to debug your code. In my case it wasn't really bad. Just had a few "untidy" lines in my scripts that did some trouble with the different linebreaks on Macs.

When you have your scripts on a server and get them via the internet, then jbennet is right. Could it be that you developed under IE? That often caused trouble because IE has a very bad decoding engine and when programmer stick to that many other browser misunderstand the code.

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