I am really stuck with any idea on how to do this. It is really confusing. Is there any way in PHP that i can select only one day of the week. My scenario is that people are only allowed to make reservations on a Friday. Is there any way i can pull only Friday and use it with date() or strftime()? And use it in drop down boxes(menus)?

Any help will be appreciated.

you might want to use an if statement to compare whatever day today is to the string Friday.

for example

$friday = 'Friday';
 if(date(l) == $friday){
//drop down boxes, menus or other code here

You have got the date of friday's date

$pf_time1 = strtotime("next Friday");
$pf_date1 = date("Y-m-d h:i:s", $pf_time1); 
//$pf_date1 = date("Y-m-d 00:00:00",$pf_time1); use if use don't want time only date display

store your date in database check_date column or depends on your logic check

$sql=mysql_query("select check_date from table where check_date=curdate() ")or die("Error: ".mysql_error());


$sql=mysql_query("select check_date from table where check_date=now() ")or die("Error: ".mysql_error());

//do what ever you want 
//use it in drop down boxes(menus)

I think it solves your problem

These are both very good ideas but i just realised what i said. Instead of making only on friday i meant making only for friday. So the client can only make appointments for friday. i.e mon-thurs and sat-sun are not an option. So when they go on the form and select an appointment time it will be put in the database as eg 19 december 2008 12:15(which is a friday) or if they would like to book for next week friday they would select 26 december 2008 16:00 which is also a friday.
I think in short i need drop downs that only show fridays for selection

I have found the solution. Just thought i would let you know what it was. PHP.net helped. Daniweb is amazing though.

print "<select name=\"Start\" size=\"1\">"; 
print "<option value=\"Select Week\" selected>Select Week</option>"; 
for($i=0; $i<=52; $i++){ 
$num = date("d M Y", strtotime('next friday +'.$i.' week')); 
print"<option value=\"{$num}\">{$num}</option> \n"; 
print "</select>";