I want to write a JSP program.
In that i want to do insert, delete, display records in a same program.
I connected to the database. its working fine.
The problem is it displays the record in the window twice.(becoz it has two records).
I need that to display once.
also i want to activate my insert and delete buttons.
how is it possible?
give me some ideas please...

Some code might help. We have no idea how you are doing what, and so have no idea how to help you along.

when will kids learn to NOT do that in JSP, in fact to NOT use any scriptlets or business logic AT ALL in JSP?

send me ur program once

Not a good beginning.

Not a good start at all.

@chunduriravi please create new thread and ask your question there instead of bumping old thread. Secondly keep in mind we help these who show interest, so your request from above would in general get nothing beside negative respond from few.

Closing thread.