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Is it possible for a PHP FORM to send data from say...
dog@senddata.com (form user)
cat@getdata.com (data recipient)


when cat@getdata.com gets the email with the data in it, if cat decides to REPLY, dog@senddata.com WILL NOT be in the TO list at all.

This needs to be done so that the org members can discuss the applicant's qualifications without fear of accidentally replying to the applicant unless they specifically type in the email address.


In the email headers, you'd have:

From: dog@getdata.com
Reply-to: members@getdata.com

The reply to address is then automatically used then replying to an email.



I'm not sure I understand. Would this be in the form script? Are you referring to changing something in the form?

In your original post, you said you had a web form, which when submitted would be emailed to the members of an organisation for their consideration or whatever.

To send an email you need to specify:

  • The Recipient
  • The Sender
  • The Subject
  • The Message Body

You also have the option to specify headers. In the headers, add:

Reply-to: something@getdata.com

With the address being perhaps a mailing list address for the organisation members, but not the original sender.

Googling PHP email headers, and reply-to fields should give you more information also.

Essentially, a reply to address is a default address for replying to which can be different to a from address.


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