I have been working as an Sr S/w Engg on the platform VB6, SQL Server 2000, and Crystal report. I joined a new company recently and they have plans to migrate their VB6 product to Web based product. I am very enthusiat to get myself into Dot net platform (ASP.Net), but I have no inkling about from where do I start from;

Do I join some fast track course, study by myself, concentrate on database connectivity, etc. I have very less time to fame.

Please do help in this regard and provide any sample project on ASP.Net


The easiest way is encapsulate all of the VB6 logic into DLLs and then load it up in the .NET project. The platform will migrate your VB6 code into the .NET platform using its built-in COM interoperability features. All you'd have to do is redesign you GUI and use the interop libraries generated to access your application logic. For database connectivity, check out CodeSmith (Code generator) and Net-Tiers (Code generator templates). These are probably some of the best code generator tools for .NET. The templates will generate code for any database. You'll have your business layer, data layer, web service layer (allowing you to create your web APIs in 5 minutes), a website featuring all of this, NUnit test cases and much more. Very easy to use as well.

You cannot possibly learn all you need to know from some examples. Go to classes, or some other schooling. The fact that people don't take programming seriously is why we have so much bloat and crapware out there. Please, for the good of mankind, educate yourself with something other than the internet!

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