Hello peeps i need some help for a template system.
i want to make a script so when a user submits a article/tut it automaically sends me a email with a link in it + plus the submited article/tutorial when i click the link it automatically puts the tutorial into my template someting simular to good-tutorials.com :p

Not sure how the other website actually works, but here some suggestions:
1. Create form for users to submit tuts/articles.
2. Validate form and add article to database ('id', 'status', 'article', etc). Make the 'status' of the article submitted as something like 'pending'.
3. Send the article and a link with 'id' of the article to you using mail function. The link will take you to a php page to change the status to either 'accept' or 'decline'.
4. You get the email and if the article ok, you click the link and a page show to prompt you to accept or reject. If, accept, it will displace in your webiste, else, you can either keep it in the db or delete it. You can do many things here.
5. Make sure you have a page that display articles from database where status = 'accept';

Good luck in your development. Drop me an email when it is ready to launch :eek: .

Could you give me a start point or tell me the functions i will need!?