hi to all, I have a page that contains two frames (before you start telling me that frames are not good, I know but this is the requierement from my course, what I can do?), anyway I have a main page that contains leftframe.aspx and rigthframe.aspx, everything is working ok until I start using the the Session variable, it is possible to use this variable between frames?
I did the following:
leftframe.aspx(in the C# code):

Session["test"] = "Test String";

leftframe.aspx(in the C# code)

if (Session["test"] != null)
mystring = (string)Session["test"];

Do I need to do some settings before using the Session varaible, when I output the varaible is always 'null', look like noone set this variable before.
Thanks in advanced

Make sure that the code that store session value on leftframe.aspx is executed first before the code on rightframe.aspx is trying to access that session value. Otherwise it should work. Can u tell me on which events these two code snippets belongs?

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