i am using vista home premium. I install PHP software on my laptop but
it is not work what shall i do. Can u help me ?

How did you install PHP? Did you download a package (like XAMPP or EasyPHP) or did you just download the latest version of PHP?

If you just installed the latest PHP, you'll have to have a web server such as apache installed.

Try xampp if you want a quick install of php. :)

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Try xampp if you want a quick install of php.

... I second the motion!

Installing php and apache separately might not be convenient for beginners. =)

XAMPP might even be decent for production, it seems secure. It has a ton of futures. I wonder if it's good enough to use in a production environment. :)

My dear friend,
You need to install apache server also to make php working. Please install it , if you have not installed it on your machine.

You can follow all the steps given in this link.

If you have already installed the apache web server then please tell me what exactly the problem you are getting while using it.

Best of luck.

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Dear friend!
Don't worry about it .It's easy,just install wamp by clicking next-next
after download which is totally free in web,finally you will get Apache,Mysql,Mysqladmin which solve all of your problem.

If you are unable Email me about your problem.i will try to help you best.
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Bangladeshi Programmer

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