Is there any way to retrieve the contents of a DIV from another website,
there is a div on Youtube with the ID description, how would i get the contents of that DIV?
Sam Rudge

Sory the info i want 2 get from youtube is in a span not div and the class is description not the id,
Well i think that first post was highly successful and accurate :$
Sam Rudge

Are you looking to write a script to get the contents of a div on another page for you or are you just interested in looking at them yourself?

I want to get the contents of the div and set it as a variable to use in my own script

I have not done this yet but I have an idea of how you would need to do it.
First you are going to need to use fopen to open the other page and place the contents of that page into a file for your script to read.
You will then need to search that file for the occurrence of the specific div span element that you are looking for. I hope for your sake that the span you are looking for has a specific name and not just span hehe. Anyways you do the string search find what you are looking for and then slap that into your variable.

Helpful links:

Since I do not know the specifics of what you want to do in terms of finding the term the third link is to all PHP string functions.

If it wasn't already obvious to you, you would need to read the source code of the page.

Its OK now, thankyou for your help but i use the google/youtube API and found it much easier than searching and opening

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