I've about given up on trying to get my setup to work by poking at it manually. Does anyone know of any PHP5 rpms for SuSE 9.3 that are of later versions of PHP than PHP 5.1.2? That's the latest one I've found searching online. If anyone has any suggestions to offer, I would be quite grateful.

Thank you for your consideration,

Nope, I think you need at least SuSE 10.1 to get rpms for PHP 5.1.2 or later. THe only other option is to compile PHP from source, which admitadly, can be a lot harder install than RPM. However, it's not impossible, I've done it many times, and if you follow the instructions, you should be fine.

Hope this helps

I have been trying to install 5.1.6 from the source. I've obviously messed up somewhere, because my results don't work.

The phpinfo() command works. If necessary, I'll post the appropriate fields from it here.

The echo command appears to work; it kicks the correct stuff out
to the webpage source.

Nothing else works. And phpinfo() and echo don't work if there is any other command, even a simple variable assignment, before them in the code.

I tried to follow the instructions that written in the INSTALL file that came with the tar.gz download file I obtained. However, I am beginning to suspect that I managed to seriously muck something up; the installation instructions began by recompiling apache2. Actual php installation did not appear to begin until step ten. I am trying not to bring apache2 down while I work on this, as there are several other, rather critical, programs being run that require it to be up. Thus, I started at the point where the php installation itself began, which I suspect is the source of all of my current frustrations.

Is there a way to install php5 without having to recompile the apache server? And if not, will it be necessary to bring the server down before I can work with the recompilation, will it have to come down at some point during the compilation, or can I take it down at the very end in a quick restart?

I am totally lost at this point. Any advice I may receive will be greatly and gratefully appreciated.