Hi everyone

I having some cross browser issues with prototype's ajax.Updater

I have a js function call chargeAll(), that calls the same chargeOrder() function using the ajax.Updater several times, with different order IDs.

chargeAll is built dynamically, retrieving all the order IDs from the db.

Here is the javascript code for these two functions (I use this to process credit cards in batch from a single page that displays rows of orders and a button triggers chargeAll, which calls all the chargeOrder())

<script type="text/javascript">
function chargeAll() {
... other orders here ...

function chargeOrder(order_id) {
		$thecontainer = 'container_'+ order_id;
		var pars = 'oID='+ order_id;
		new Ajax.Updater(
		'https://www.thesite.com/charge_ajax.php', {
		method: 'post',
		parameters: pars

This works perfectly on Mac (I see all the successive responses coming back in all my lines containers - approved or declined - , but not on Win: I just see my spinning gif, it's stuck.

Obviouslsy, prototype doesn't handle simultaneous calls very well for Win platforms

Any clue? Let me know your thoughts about this