am currnetly writing a scripts that can rorate banner ad.the scripts is working but still having problem its working perfectly,need something,Each advert change shall be logged in a file. Make a script that prints the
log in a readable format when accessed through the web server.this is my codes

can anybody help me here.i can pst my code if u want.

Well, without your code we don't know what you already have. Post it up and someone will be able to help.

this is my codes

<a href="#">
<img src="images/banner1.jpg" width="800" height="200" id="adBanner" border="0" alt="ad banner" />
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

 window.onload = initBannerLink;

var adImages = new Array("images/banner1.jpg","images/banner2.jpg", "images/banner3.jpg");

//var adURL = new Array("","", "");

var thisAd = 0;

function rotate() {
if (thisAd == adImages.length) {
thisAd = 0;
document.getElementById("adBanner").src = adImages[thisAd];
setTimeout("rotate()", 3 * 1000);

function newLocation() {
document.location.href = "http://www." + adURL[thisAd];
return false;

function initBannerLink() {//
if (document.getElementById("adBanner").parentNode.tagName == "A") {//
document.getElementById("adBanner").parentNode.onclick = newLocation;//

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