ive gotan IPB board, but i was wondering, When i look at somebodys profile, to sort out a couple of problems they had, i couldnt see their password, which meant ihad to change it log in as them, and then email them the new password. Is there any patch or scripti could add on which would let me see the password (i am admin of this board BTW)


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MMM, are you wanting to customize the Profile area to see the Users Passwords? If so, im assuming this would only been seen by an admin or mod if the permissions are set up that way.

If your wanting to just find a patch/hack to view the users passwords, try going to www.invisionize.com or www.invisionized.com, one of those I cant remember. But they have tons of hacks and scripts that youll may run into that will help. If your wanting a straight up customization, hit me up and Ill see what can be done.


It is impossible to see a user's password, maybe you can do that through phpmyadmin by breaking the encryption because all the passwords are encrypted in the database such that even the admins can't see them.


Well, If I were to use something like Dreamweaver, I CAN make it viewable.

hi, i was looking for the passwords to be visable to root admin only.

if this is possible, i would be very greatful

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