hi, i copied my aspx files to httpdocs/ but when i navigiate to the index.aspx page i get an error saying :

To update your index page modify the file /httpdocs/index.html

is this the right folder to put them in or is there some configuration to do? its looking for the index.html file and i need index.aspx


ok i emailed digital space and they said:

ASP is not available with your current hosting plan. It is available only through our virtual dedicated server plans and must be at least a standard ip plan:

These are powered by Sun One ASP. This does not include .Net functionality. For ASP.Net and not just ASP you would require a host with Microsoft IIS runing ASP.Net. Unfortunately we do not offer any Microsoft IIS hosting plans.

so basically they are saying i cant run my application on their servers?
does anyone know any other good hosting providers that has what i need to get my application working i.e. which has "Microsoft IIS runing ASP.Net"??

something like this? http://www.eukhost.com/windows-web-hosting.php

any help is greatly apprieciated im new to this deployment stage


We use Isqsolutions.com as a reseller at work and find them very reliable. I can safely recommend them as a good choice for ASP and ASP.NET functionality. The also support MS Access, SQL Server and MySQL.

so many to choose from, i would like one that offers lots of administration as well as being simple to use