Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/intel1/public_html/ccahs/myspace/mainfile.php on line 16

Any help?...



if ( !defined('XOOPS_MAINFILE_INCLUDED') ) {

    // Physical Path
    // Physical path to your main directory WITHOUT trailing slash
    define('XOOPS_ROOT_PATH', '/home/thedemo/public_html/ccahs/myspace');

    // Virtual Path (URL)
    // Virtual path to your main directory WITHOUT trailing slash
    define('XOOPS_URL', ';

    // Database
    // Choose the database to be used
    $xoopsConfig['database'] = 'mysql';

    // Table Prefix
    // This prefix will be added to all new tables created to avoid name conflict in the database. If you are unsure, just use the default 'pop'.
    $xoopsConfig['prefix'] = 'pop';

    // Database Hostname
    // Hostname of the database server. If you are unsure, 'localhost' works in most cases.
    $xoopsConfig['dbhost'] = 'localhost';

    // Database Username
    // Your database user account on the host
    $xoopsConfig['dbuname'] = 'user';

    // Database Password
    // Password for your database user account
    $xoopsConfig['dbpass'] = 'pass';

    // Database Name
    // The name of database on the host. The installer will attempt to create the database if not exist
    $xoopsConfig['dbname'] = 'db name';

    // Use persistent connection? (Yes=1 No=0)
    // Default is 'Yes'. Choose 'Yes' if you are unsure.
    $xoopsConfig['db_pconnect'] = 1;

    // Default setup language.
    $xoopsConfig['default_language'] = 'english';

    if ( XOOPS_ROOT_PATH == '' ) {
        if ( @file_exists('_install/index.php') ) {
            header('Location: _install/index.php');


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