Hi everybody,
I'm trying to read a Microsoft Word file, exported as microsoft xml, with PHP and simple_xml but I can't figure out how to do it exactly.

Only things I managed to do are:

$tempXml = simplexml_load_file(file.xml);
$xml = $tempXml->asXML();
print $xml;

If I print before the command $xml = $tempXml->asXML() nothing happens. Otherwise the full text (without tags) appears, except by the tags, of course.
But when trying to access the tags with different commands from simple_xml nothing appears to happen.

Is it maybe because of the name of the tags, which always contain ":" (i.e. <w:something>)?
Is there a particular way to acces those tags?
Does anybody of you knows where to find articles about that?

Sorry for such noob questions...