i am a beginner and this is what i have done so far.

1.i have installed ms IIS and dreamweaver mx and cold fusion mx.

2. i start the IIS and i save the test cf file under inetpub/wwwroot/james
ps.. my syntax for the CF is ok cause i copied it from macromedia website

3. I start IIS , then i start cold fusion .bat file to start the server.

4. after i create a default website on the dreamweaver i do all the settings and
test the url for myself, on the creating and tesing of the webserver.

5.I created a DataBase in access.

6.i copied the DB to one the wwwroot/ folder, one dir above the folder for my
CF files.

7.i have not firewall on my pc just norton antivirus and i diable it.

1.when i try to view my cold fusion page on the web it displays things that it should not, like the variables for my database and not the records themselves.

2.when i try to view the administrator page to try to create a datasource, it
shows nothing when the webpage shows up.

3."perhaps the more critical one", when i start the cold fusion server, i look at the dos screen and i see that the server starts but has some exceptions like
null.pointer.exception, and service not available exception, and in the beginning it when the server start is something to do with the security exception on valid key.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone out there can help

If it's windows, try starting ColdFusion as a service, make sure IIS has .cfm pages setup... I believe in the ISAPI area. Also, try installing coldfusion with it's own built in web server and testing pages. There are several patches relating to the IIS Connector... are you running the J2EE or standalone?

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