Hi there,
I'm trying to develop a forum application in asp.net with c#. To post new threads I used a multi line text box to write the message. but i want to embed the MS word's tools in this page so that the user can easily write his/her message.

Thank you!

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forum application in asp.net with c#.

and it's VB.NET forum anyway, you mean to provide the user with bold, underline, colors, to enrich his message, that's is normal buttons add some html tags on the message, I'm sure if you ask this question in asp.net forum you'll find some experts provide you with controls and tutorial to do that. Best of luck


Totally agree with Fungus1487, it's not worth the headache writing your own, we use the telerik rad editor but the suite is expensive and probably overkill for decorating text. One other thing though, if the project isn't commercial, why not use community server? It does all the forum stuff and the community license is free, so you can get on with other projects instead of reinventing the wheel.

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