This sounds like a clear cut research job that YOU should be conducting for your coursework (or whatever).
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I need your help in my project of "online examination”. I am developing this for my lab.
backend: sql server 2000
front end: ASP

Now the requirements r:
1.  I have to generate papers which randomly select 100 MCQs from table and displays on client computers. The time limit for paper is 2 hours.
2. Now after submission of paper another task is to calculate their result and display it on client.
3.  Solved papers of clients also have to store for record.

Now correct me if I am wrong. I have 5 tables as:
STUDENT: std_id, std_name, std_fname, e-mail
SUBJECT: subj_id, subj_name
QUESTION: q_sno, subj_id, question, opt1, opt2, opt3, opt4, answer
PAPER: p_sno, std_id, paper, date
RESULT: ??????????

Now I want that the result should like:
                   Total        attempt
Network              15           13
Java                 15           14
DLD                  15           10
But now I m confused please help me if u can.
Thanks in advance
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This is a PHP FORUM.HELLO???

There is an ASP FORUM!

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