I know there are some great programmers here. I need a PPC script (I'll buy it if you can recommend one or if you have one) and then I need you to customize it for me.

Please email me at josh@imblaze.com

Josh B.

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Are you looking for a tracking system? Statistics? Preferred language? PHP? CGI?

www.phpadsnew.com i think or search on google php ads new .. best script .. with complete statistiscs.. and targeting options i run it on mine service

I would check hotscripts. I know they have a good selection of these, but I can't recommend any specific one. Sorry.

Here are a few choices for ppc management programs.

mROI from www.moderninsider.com/mroi/ new to the market, perl based, free.

AdWatcher from www.adwatcher.com hosted service, nice system, $20/month.

ROI Tracking pro from www.roi-tracking-pro.com great graphs, php based, $29+ license fee

More information about adwatcher is located at: http://www.trackingsoftwarereviews.comThey provide independent reviews on the top 10 tracking software available they helped me make the right decision. I HIGHLY recommend you take a look at their website before you go with any ad tracking software!Mike Baker

Actually a good script is at Extreme Corporate here: http://www.extremecorporate.com

I have been using the program there for a while now and I think it's really good.

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