Hi Everyone,

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I have an ASP page with Javascript that obtains input from the web page. For example: www.google.com/?test would result in test as the search string.

I then populate an ASP textbox with this string and either click a button or type enter and the ASP code searches for the data. I would love for the data to be searched on page load. I understand that javascript is client-side, and ASP is server side, but what I don't really understand is why the only way to refresh the data is to click the button, or type enter into the textbox - even though there is no code in these methods. I would be fine if I could type enter into the text box, once it is populated, but this does not seem to work either (chr(13) provides the enter symbol, but not the actual event).

I don't know how to cause an enter event in ASP. Refreshing the website does not work - only clicking the button, or typing enter into the textbox. Does anyone know of a way to activate either of these objects? It doesn't need to be on page load, as the textbox populates correctly, it juse doesn't send the data - only after an event.

Thanks for your time.


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