Is it possible to send sms from an webform? :eek:

I have searched multiple sites, but can't really find anything useful..any advices?

I believe there are classes built into the .NET Compact Framework for Short Message Service.

Hello everyone. I am new to VB.NET and ive been assinged an SMS send/receive (PC to mobile) applcation...I would be very grateful if anyone can help/tutor/send sample code for help.
Thanks guyz, ROD (developer at MEA)

Sending SMS through your web or winforms application is not very complicated. you can do this through one of the following routes:-

1. Through a gateway : You'll need to subscribe to a gateway services which would allow you to send sms either through a web service or simple HTTP posts. The gateway however will charge you per sms and most of the gateways offer worldwide coverage with guaranteed delivery. i'd go along with this mechanism as it is simpler and easier to implement. I have integrated sms gateways in a couple of recent projects and it works perfectly fine.

2. Connect a GSM modem to your machine. .NET framework 2.0 comes with builtin libraries using which you can send/receive sms and in addition could even control the behaviour of your application based ont the replies you receive. same can be done if you go down the line in option 1.

hope this helps :)

It really depends on what wireless carriers you want to be able to send sms to. It seems that every wireless site I've been involved with has had a different way of processing the messages. Some are as simple as sending an email to an email address with the recipient's phone number, and others involve SOAP with handshakes and the whole 9 yards. I agree the best bet to reach the widest range of recipients is to find a third party service. One thing to keep in mind, is you will want to implement CAPTCHA or something similar... very important in this kind of app. Good Luck!

Can you explain me in more details how this work & how u did it sucessfully.

If you can expalin my example of code then better for me