i recently downloaded dirLIST php script and uploaded it to my webserver.. script works well, but there is one problem - script doesn't count the folder size..

Please help me to solve this problem

script is located here: http://dir-list.sourceforge.net/

Did you contact the author ? According to the site he's very interested in bug reports. The demo on the site appears to be working. I'll try and see if I can get the script running on my website.

Are you sure it doesn't work ? I downloaded the script and it works just fine! See the attached screenshot..

I can second that. Uploaded and works like it should.

I haven't tested the application in the link you have specified. But, you can use is_file or is_dir and display relevant image (file image if its a file and directory image if its a directory!)

the script what I'm trying to modify already shows the folder image and file image.. script should show the icons according to filetype