can you help me by my Site?




My Counter is sometimes away!


M. Weber

your counter is blocked by my Hosts file, it is externally hosted by a site in the MSMVP hosts file, (not a good thing)
External Javascripts: depend on the availablility of the hosting site. Timeout = no script, I can only assume that the host server times out sometimes and the script is not loaded.

wont even talk about how crap the fixed px divs look sitting in the middle of a 1960px wide screen
try the same proportions in % of screen width for your layout, pleasant surprise, it adjsusts to have a very similar appearance on most monitor os browser window size combinations

eg <div width='150px'> replace with <div width='15%' >
its not so hard, make the site with whatever drag and drop wyswig you like, then edit the html and set relative sizes instead of fixed.
external CSS is better than setting every div to a size separately, and easier

checkout how great/good/ok/bad/ugly your site looks to the rest of the world at http://www.browsershots.org