can asp work with mySQL

cannot i think so, but i am not so sure.


ASP With Access or Sql Server.

I deleted WebHostalk's duplicate post. :)

Sscripting language is pretty independent from database platform. Most languages work with most database in most cases.

MySQL will work with ASP, but it was not designed for asp. Your better off using MSSQL.

MySQL will happily work with ASP, which is why microsoft bundles the driver by default.
For a list of connection strings including one for mySql, see this thread:-

What MICROSOFT does NOT bundle the driver!! well not on XP home / Pro, 2003 server, or 2000 which version You use???? I needed to download the driver from MySQL website!

You are right AwS ... How silly of me.... I have just always had it available to me... I take back my comment which was founded on nothing but my own prejudgement.

Download this add it to your data directorey and add reference to it.

it has mysqlconnection objects, commands objects, data adaptors, transactions etc.

please unzip the library file to your data directory. Email me on any progress. VB.NET programmers please use the same library. Visit this site on how to use the stuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

please make sure you unzip the library file.

asp will work with almost all databases

it does work with mysql and mssql too..

It works with it just fine, just like all others. I've only ever used MySQL with asp, and have never had a problem.