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what's your mean?
you need to know a little about apache web server,
and knowing php & mysql and if you want to work advanced, should learn perl , cgi along with linux.


no i got to make a website using php/ how can u make a website using php?!?


The same way as you make a website using html
First - read the f manual

think what you want to do
learn how to do it,
Try it
post what didnt work for code gurus to tweak


I would suggest reading a few books and the tizag.com/phpT/ website has some basic tutorials. I would suggest getting use to the if statement, variables, the echo statement, and $_POST + $_GET arrays. Perhaps you could for your first project create a html web form that posts the data to php where php writes the data to a text file. Or maybe even have a basic webpage system by having multiple pages in the one php file. There are all sorts of things you can do so start with something basic and work your way up.

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