Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to java so plese bear with me, here is my question:
i made a query to a sql database in a jsp page, what i would like to do is is import the result set into java so i can do some math with the results now in the jsp i use the results like this:


but when i use it java i get a error message like this:
could not find symbol
symbol: variable $
( I would think that this is because i have not imported or made reference to the variable in the actual java)

and also i get within the same error box :
; expected
not a statement
; expected

here is the complete line of code:

a = ${parish.TotalHouseholds};

could someone give me some advice on how to put this right like how to import the variables into the java and what do about the ; error
Thanks in advance

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I do not understand what you doing there as that one line is not sufficient enough to explain logic behind it. Have look in this post about JSP servlet and database connectivity. Also I made request to move this post to JSP where it belongs

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